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yers, your angel words, had▓ turned me from my sin; but they will send m▓e from you, and I shall sin again.I sh▓all fall

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away from all the good you taught me.● With you, with you only I am ●safe—my daughter, oh, my daugh▓ter!” “And I wi

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ll not leave you, father〃埅I go with you, not in the sa●me ship, but I will meet you in a strange land.▓We shall be toget

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her there as here.I ▓will not leave you while you need me.Do n●ot look so, father, I have sworn it to my G●od.” She t

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hrew herself upon his neck, an●d the sinful but repentant man wept as an● infant on her shoulder; and from that hour h▓er

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dread that his reason was departing never tor▓mented her again. The evening before Levi▓son’s removal with his fell●

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ow-convicts to Portsmouth—the ●ship awaiting them there—the i●nfluence of

a larger bribe than usu▓al from Reuben to the turnkey had secur▓ed to Sarah a few uninterrupt●ed hours with her father in a sepa▓rate cell.There was something strange in Levi▓son’s countenance which rather alarm●ed him when he join

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ed them; it was flushed ▓and excited, and as he walked across the cell▓ his limbs seemed to totter benea▓th him. They

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had not much longe▓r to be together, when an unu▓sual number of footsteps crowded along the pas●sage; and, soon after, th

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e turnkey, a sheriff, a●nd a gentleman whom neither Sarah nor ●Reuben knew, though he was evidently● of their own nation,

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entered the cell.There w●as still quite daylight sufficient to distingui●sh persons and features, and● the very instant

Levison’s eye caught ▓the stranger, he started with a s▓hrill cry to his feet, endeavoured to

sp▓ring forward, but failed, and would● have fallen had not Reuben caug●ht him in his arms,

where he ▓remained in a fit of trembling▓, which almost seemed convulsion.“Now be quiet●, my

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